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December 2016

Volume 1 Issue 2

Research article

Controlled Deposition of Gold and Silver on a Porous Silicone Matrixs

Solano-Umaña Victor*, Vega-Baudrit, José Roberto

During the last decade and nowadays an enormous research effort has been deployed to the porous materials. Design, pores sizes, shapes, morphology and density are crucial features to increase the surface material, which helps to improve adsorption and absorption properties and helps the interaction of living cells with the porous material.   

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Research article

Triad-sequestered Polymer Encapsulated Reverse Micelle Composite Materials as Optically Addressable Magnetic Field Sensors

Joseph J. Kremer,* C. Michael Elliott, Karsten A. Hötzer, and Ulrich E. Steiner

In past reports, Donor-Chromophore-Acceptor (D-C2+-A2+) triad species have served as molecular level sensors which can optically detect magnetic fields. Upon photoexcitation of the chromophore (C2+), a series of electron transfer steps occur which generate a biradical cation Charge Separated State (CSS, D+•-C2+-A+•). A fluid solution environment is required in order for the CSS to form. The CSS can be detected and monitored by time-resolved transient absorption spectroscopy.                                        

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